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Association Between Cardiac Arrest and Opioid Use

A recent study conducted in Arizona reveals that opioid overdose can be a direct link to cardiac arrest. Due to the severity of overdoses, this increases the risk of cessation of the heart pumping thus entering a cardiac arrest event. The website below provides in-depth content about the study.

Common Prescribed Blood Pressure Drug May Heighten Cardiac Arrest Risk

A standard drug used to treat high blood pressure and angina (chest pains due to reduced blood flow to the heart) may increase the risk cardiac arrest. Please read this detailed study conducted by scientists who ascertained the relationship between the drug and cardiac arrest.

Cardiac Arrest Survivors More Likely to Have Additional Health Problems

Survivors of sudden cardiac arrest are more susceptible for further health afflictions and PTSD. There has been a very recent research study conducted to ascertain how long after the sudden cardiac arrest event that the survivor will develop symptoms. Please take a brief look of the below website to gather more knowledge on how the […]

You Can Save a Life!

CPR is an emergency technique to aid in the revival of someone who is clinically dead. The site below describes in step-by-step format on how to conduct proper CPR. This skill is imperative to acquire for just in case of a life-threatening emergency!  If you’d like to get an in-person understanding and demonstration, schedule a […]

Thank You, Philly!

We would like to express our thanks to our participants that helped us with moving towards our goal of teaching 10k people. With your help, we have thus far taught 9,015 people, which brings us closer to our end goal! Thank you for your time and support; it is greatly appreciated!

CPR Training at Schools

It’s vital to teach the young ones early on how to perform CPR, as they may be around older people such as their parents and grandparents. Click the link to view if your state requires CPR training in your child’s school. If not, please try and teach your kids on how to conduct CPR in […]

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