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Cardiac Arrests in Younger People Often Attributed to Underlying Heritable Cardiac Diseases

Young SCA victims are more likely to have a history of CVD and some association with drugs. It is encouraged to get a cardiac evaluation early on to detect any warning signs, if any. The website below provides more insight.

Sedentary Lifestyle Increases CVD Risks by 80%

The human body was not designed to sit stationary for an exceeding amount of hours. The link below provides exercises you can do at your desk or in your car that can help you lower chances of developing cardiovascular afflictions.

Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates May Depend On Which EMS Agency Arrives.

There is a new study that indicates the chances of survival of sudden cardiac arrest depends on which emergency medical services agency shows up to treat you. Studies show that the probability of surviving to hospital discharge after a cardiac arrest event could range more than 50% for two synonymous patients treated by two different […]

Peak Time of Day for Cardiac Arrest Has Changed

Monday mornings used to be the common time when cardiac arrest events occur- not anymore. The biggest contributory factor is stress- among other factors. A new study finds that cardiac arrest occurrences are happening chiefly during the afternoon-not just the morning hours. To read more, visit the website below for more insight.  

Association Between Cardiac Arrest and Opioid Use

A recent study conducted in Arizona reveals that opioid overdose can be a direct link to cardiac arrest. Due to the severity of overdoses, this increases the risk of cessation of the heart pumping thus entering a cardiac arrest event. The website below provides in-depth content about the study.

Common Prescribed Blood Pressure Drug May Heighten Cardiac Arrest Risk

A standard drug used to treat high blood pressure and angina (chest pains due to reduced blood flow to the heart) may increase the risk cardiac arrest. Please read this detailed study conducted by scientists who ascertained the relationship between the drug and cardiac arrest.

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